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Carhartt Heritage & Trust

There would not be a Carhartt brand without the vision of one man, Hamilton Carhartt.  In 1889 the founder of the Carhartt company designed the first pair of Carhartts and created the unique style that is still popular today.

“My life has been spent in making better working clothes for men who toil - the world’s up-builders”

Hamilton Carhartt Statement

Carhartt Timeline 18841884 - How it all began
At the age of 29, Mr. Hamilton Carhartt established a wholesale furnishing business under the firm name of Hamilton Carhartt & Co, which would continue to drive his ambition to succeed and lead him to create his own products. Just five years later, Hamilton converted the business into an enterprise devoted exclusively to manufacturing apparel for working men.
Carhartt Timeline 18891889 - The birth of a legend
Hamilton Carhartt started producing Workwear with the goal of setting a standard of excellence to which all others would aspire. Starting with only 4 sewing machines and 5 employees, the first products were overalls in Duck and Denim fabrics.  With  entrepreneurial vision, Hamilton established a brand that has withstood the test of time.
Carhartt Timeline 1916

1910 - Growing Internationally
The business grows enormously and subsidiaries were established in Liverpool (UK), Vancouver (BC), Toronto (ON), Atlanta (GA), Mobile (AL), San Francisco (CA), Dallas (TY), and Rockhill (SC).  New plants in Paris (France) and warehouses in New York were soon to follow.

1916 - Union made
Together with promoting a female workforce, fighting child labour and supporting organised labour, Carhartt proudly introduced 8 hour work days for his employees.

Carhartt Timeline 1923

1923 - Iconic products stand the test of time

The Chore Coat was advertised and remains literally unchanged in the Carhartt range to this day.

Carhartt Timeline 1930

1930 - The great depression

The economic crisis of the 30’s nearly cost the company its factories and subsidiaries. Hamilton Carhartt struggled keeping business alive and as a great accomplishment to his vision, his managerial skills and entrepreneurial talent, he managed to keep the family business afloat and to return to prosperity.

Carhartt Timeline 1937

1937 - But the legend lives on
Detroit, May 12, together with his wife of 56 years, Hamilton Carhartt dies in a car accident. The family business continues under the active lead of the oldest son, Wylie Carhartt.

Carhartt Timeline 19661966 - The famous logo
First appearance of the by now famous Carhartt ‘C’ logo which has remained largely unchanged ever since 1966.
Carhartt Timeline 1992

1992 - Quality in over 400 styles
Carhartt Workwear range consists over 400 styles providing Best-In-Class apparel for the active worker.  The products are known for the exceptional durability, quality and construction, fit, style and comfort.

1994 - Carhartt Streetwear takes on Europe
Carhart W-I-P is launched in Europe.

Carhartt Timeline 20042004 - Carhartt Workwear available to the worker in Europe
With over a century of American history, tradition, quality and reliability, Carhartt is proud to expand its heritage and living legend into the European markets.
Carhartt Timeline 20092009 - 120 years
Carhartt celebrates 120 years of existence and give years of continuous growth in Euope.
Quick Duck2012 - Quick Duck Launch
Carhartt Quick Duck is built to better serve the modern woker through a fabric that's 30% lighter, but ounce-for-ounce as durable as a traditinoal sandstone duck jacket - it repels water too!.
Carhartt Force2013 - Carhartt FORCE Launch
Carhartt FORCE is a collection of hard-working product attributes and consumer benefits. Every FORCE product features the sweat-wicking FastDry technology, plus either StainBreaker technology to release stains, and/or the benefit of odour-fighting technology.
2014 - Celebrating Hard Workers
Carhartt celebrates the hard-working men and women who rise to the occasion every day to bring out their best when Mother Nature brings out her worst. After 125 years Carhartt still stands strong and proud as a family-owned global company.